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About Us

About Us

The PPL - Players Pool League Group was started in 1992 in Calgary, Alberta at the request of Players who wanted a well run League and of Bar Owners who wanted to own their own Pool Tables.

The PPL rapidly grew to become the largest BCA - Billiard Congress of America sanctioned League in North America for 9 years, from 1995 to 2004.

With the BCA selling their League System in 2004, the PPL now proudly sanctions its Membership with the new CCS - Canadian Cue Sport Association. The CCS stages 3 Regional 8 Ball Championships and a National 8 Ball Championship in Canada each year.

The CCS is exclusively recognized by the CBSA - Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association as the Official Sanctioning Body for Amateur League Play and related Championships in Canada. Since CBSA is the Official Governing Body for Pool in Canada, this means that all CCS Champions go into the Official Canadian Records Book.

The CCS is also an Affiliated Member of the ACS - American Cue Sport Alliance. All CCS Members can also attend the ACS US National 8 Ball Championships held annually in Las Vegas.

From the start, Players and Teams from PPL have had great fun in attending and often winning Amateur Championships all over North America ever since.

Even Leagues from other cities have joined the PPL League Group. For further information, call PPL in Calgary at (403) 271-9221.


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