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Match Policies

Match Policies

  • Members of the League Board of Governors may be contacted Rules Interpretation, Protests or issues of Sportsmanship. Their Contact Phone Numbers are listed every week on the last page of the Weekly Newsletter. Any Ruling the first Board of Governor contacted provides will be considered final.

  • In a game where a judgement call is required, Players are encouraged to ask someone acceptable to both Players to act as a designated Referee whose Ruling will be considered final.

  • The Referee will be in charge of all Match issues and their Rulings considered final. In the absence of a designated Referee, the Tournament Director will be the Referee. See 'Play - Tournament Policies'.

  • Games will be played in accordance with the WPBA/BCA World Standardized Rules. They are available on the Home Page of the League website.

  • The Board of Governors has the authority to clarify and/or interpret Rules to the benefit of the League.

  • 1. Foul On The Break
  • Nothing has changed in the World Rules. You must place the cue ball behind the line in the 'kitchen' and shoot from there.
  • The confusion comes from the BCAPL League System changing this rule on their own such that you can place it anywhere on the table.
  • That's a 'no go'. Since the World Rules have not changed, we're not changing and neither is the CCS or ACS.

    2. Coaching
  • When you first read the rules, it appears that 'Coaching' is now permitted during a game in Team Play. It is not.
  • The rules also state that a 'timeout' must be called and further that the 'timeout' must be between games.
  • Since you have always been allowed to talk or 'coach' between games in Team Play, nothing has changed.

    3. Practicing
  • Under 'Unsportsmanlike Conduct' it appears that all 'practice' during a Match is not allowed. Not true.
  • The rules were written for Singles Play and do not cover Team Play.
  • In Team Play, a player while not involved in a game in the Match may practice on another table providing that they do not interrupt the Match in any way.
  • In Team Play, if a player while involved in a game in the Match practiced in any way on another table, the Unsportsmanlike Conduct rule would apply. The penalty in the PPL is 'loss of game'.

    Match Start Times
  • For all Divsions, the Match Start Times are 7PM for single Matches and 6:30PM for Doubleheaders.

  • The normal grace period to start a Match is 15 minutes. If your Team is going to be late, please extend the other Team the courtesy of giving them a call at the Match Location and letting them know. If 3 Players or more from each Team are present, the Match must start.

  • Each Player has 5 minutes to start an individual Game from the time their Game is called, after which it becomes a forfeited Game. A first round Game only may be delayed until the final Match Up in that Round, but may not be delayed any further.

  • 'Make Up' Matches
  • By previous vote at the AGM, there will be NO 'Make Up' Matches unless both Captains agree to same, prior to the original scheduled Match date.

  • If agreed to, then the 'Make Up' Match must be played within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled Match date. If the Match is not played within this time, then both Teams get no Match Points. Teams have the right of appeal to the Board of Governors should there be extenuating circumstances.

  • Match Tables
  • All Matches in regularly scheduled League Play are meant to be played on one Table. The Match Start Time and the Match Formats provide for Match completion by a reasonable time. Nevertheless, the League has no problem if both of the Captains and the Venue agree to the Match being played on two Tables.

  • Match 'Forfeits'
  • By previous vote at the AGM, a Team claiming a Match 'forfeit' has the following options:
    (1) Take all the Match Round Points.
    (2) Take one-half of the Match Round Points.
    (3) Take none of the Match Round Points.

    Whatever Match Round Points they don't take will be automatically given to the other Team.

  • The purpose of this is so that Teams will not be unfairly pushed up or down to a higher or lower Playoff Group which are based on Team Standings.

  • No team may take a full forfeit on a match not played on a Stat Holiday or due to a team out of town attending a recognized CCS/ACS/VNEA/BCAPL Championship.

    Use of 'Team Spare'
  • Every team will have a player added to their Team Roster called 'Team Spare'.
  • When a team is short one player for a Match, the players who are there are permitted to play the games of the missing player.
  • Each player would play one additional game and one player would play an additional two games.
  • The player with the lowest average must play the extra additional game.
  • For the purpose of computing the Team Handicap for the Round, an average of 12.0 is to be used.
  • Any special feats scored by a player playing as a Team Spare will not count for the POY Report or for Runout $.


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