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Good Sportsmanship??

Good Sportmanship

Board of Governors

All Teams are expected to play in the spirit of Good Sportsmanship AT ALL TIMES. Teams are not meant to feel threatened or intimidated in any way. Don't let it slide. Drop us a note or give us a call. The PPL has expelled Players and whole Teams in the past for no other reason.

The Board of Governors has the authority and are expected to review ANY SITUATION IN WHICH POOR SPORTSMANSHIP HAS BEEN DISPLAYED and to take whatever action they feel is appropriate up to and including expulsion.

'Ernie Santos' Good Sportsmanship Team Award

Considered the most prestigious award to be won annually in the Players Pool League, this award will now be named after Ernie Santos. Formerly an avid bowler, Ernie took up pool in his late 50's and played in the league for years progressing from Intermediate to Open and even sparing on Masters teams. He loved to play and throughout with his affable personality and infectious chuckle, Ernie made the game fun for everyone. A true sportsman.

The Team winning the GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD will receive a $500 Weekly Fees credit for the next League Year..

Every Team is eligible and the winner will be determined by each Team rating the other Team after each League Play Match on a scale of:

0 - Unacceptable
3 - Poor
5 - Good
7 - Excellent

The Rating is to be entered in the box provided on the Scoresheet.

At the end of each League Year, the Sportsmanship Ratings from all teams in all divisions will be tallied. Since the length of the Sessions in each division varies, the team with the highest average score will be the winner.
  • If the other team did not rank you, you get a 10.
  • If you diddn't rank the other team, you get a 0.

    Good Sportsmanship and League Play

    The Players Pool League strongly encourages and promotes Good Sportsmanship. Why?
    Because coming out to League Play is supposed to be fun, not a hard time. For nearly everyone, pool is a hobby or entertainment; not a job or a career.

    As strange as it sounds,
    You can win the game and still be a LOSER
    You can lose the game and still be a WINNER

    In the game of life, it’s the sportsmanship that you display that makes all the difference.

    According to the dictionary, it’s:
    …… “to treat with courtesy and respect”
    …… “a reputation for being just, good, fair, etc.”

    It’s to your advantage and your opponent does have the right for the game to be played by all the rules, regardless of whether you know them or like them.

    You may be… way better or way worse than your opponent,
    You may be… on your game or totally off,
    You may be…way ahead or way behind in the game or the match,
    ....but always give it your best shot!

    What’s Sharking? Any unsportsmanlike act that serves to upset your opponent anytime during the game or their concentration while shooting. Here are a few examples you may have experienced yourself:

    Acting Aggressive
  • Using excessive profanity

  • Making rude or sarcastic comments (e.g. "Don’t Miss!")

  • Smashing or throwing your cue or balls around, slamming chalk down, etc.

  • Stroking while your opponent is racking and / or breaking one second later.

  • Refusing to acknowledge an obvious foul or allowing a shot to be refereed.

  • Acting Annoying
  • Insisting on unnecessary repeated re-racks.

  • Deliberately and excessively slowing the pace of the game.

  • Making reference to a likely loss of game.

  • Making your opponent hunt for the chalk or the patch.

  • Seeing whether your opponent’s shot is makeable even when there is little likelihood of a foul.

  • Asking your opponent their shot when it’s obvious or before they’ve decided.

  • Complaints about (you name it) – the playing equipment, the playing conditions, the pool gods……….

  • Creating Distraction
  • Standing close to the table in your opponent’s vision.

  • Standing over the shoulder of the player when he or she is shooting.

  • Causing a sudden or distracting movement or sound….just as they’re shooting.

  • Continuing to talk to your opponent while they’re executing a shot.

  • Tallking loudly to others about the game or their opponent…

    Disputes will occur and almost all involve a foul stemming from lack of rules knowledge or a judgement call. If the dispute is about rules: a member of the Board of Governors can be contacted if need be. If it’s a judgement call on a shot; take note that it will always go in favour of the shooter unless the opponent has exercised the right of having it refereed.

    Getting disputes settled out should be a straightforward matter:
    STEP 1. The two players involved in a dispute “agree to disagree”.
    STEP 2. The two players involved explain the dispute to their captains only!… and then the players are no longer involved. At no time is any other teammate or spectator to be involved.
    STEP 3. The two Captains attempt to reach a reasonable agreement which will then be considered final.
    STEP 4. If the two Captains “agree to disagree”, then the game automatically carries on in favor of the shooter.
    STEP 5. A written Protest may be filed with the League whose decision will be final including any impact it may have on Individual and Team standings. Their Ruling will take into account the display of any poor Sportsmanship.

  • Do shake hands before and after a game….without having to chase you down.

  • Do pay attention to the game….(no one else can call a foul).

  • Do give your best game.. without gloating when you win or complaining when you lose.

  • Do acknowledge a well played shot or game or match…..

    They sponsor and provide exclusive use of their facilities and equipment. Whether at home or away.. you represent your home/host club or bar. And just as your patronage is important to them, so is the display of good sportsmanship on your part and on the part of your teammates.

    As always, Good Luck, Good Shooting and Good Sportsmanship!


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