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Schedule Conflicts

Every effort is made in Match Scheduling such that you play half your Matches at 'Home' and half your Matches 'Away'. Unfortunately this is not always possible especially when a Venue has more Teams than Tables or Teams in more than one Division. Removing Schedule Conflicts can result in Teams at 'Home' or 'Away' for several consecutive Matches or even a Venue on certain Nights having no Matches at all. This is NOT done on purpose. We try to avoid it where possble and we make every effort to 'balance' the Match Locations for every Team by the end of the League Schedule.

No Shows

Sometimes for whatever reason, you just can't field a Team for a particular Match. When that happens, please give the other Team the courtesy of a call to let them know and to make arrangements for a 'Make Up' Match. If needed, Captain phone numbers can be gotten from the League Office. See MATCH POLICIES for further information on 'Make Up' Matches and 'Forfeits'.

Good Luck, Good Shooting and Good Sportsmanship to ALL!


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