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Looking to INCREASE Your Business on SLOW Nights?

Are You a Bar Owner?

We now operate year around and the PPL - Players Pool League Group, sanctioned by the CCS, is the best deal in town!

You get more business, you can own your own tables (or rent) and there are no fees of any kind.

Why League Play?

Guaranteed increased DRINK and FOOD SALES on what are usually the SLOWEST NIGHTS OF THE WEEK - Monday to Thursday.

Why CCS and PPL?

For the Establishment:
Many do rent their tables, but with the PPL you can “own your own” and still have League Play.

For the Player:
Through sanctioning with the CCS, they can win Team Trips to the:
BC Championships in Penticton
Western Canadians in Calgary
Canadian Nationals in Toronto
US Nationals in Las Vegas.
More Team Trips to More Places than anybody.

Why the Players Pool League?

Your guarantee of an established, well run League that’s fair and fun for your pool playing Customers to play in.

We have the Division and the Night that's right for Your Customers. Whether it's for Fun or Las Vegas, Recreation or Open, Mixed or Ladies; we have it all.

The League maintains an extensive WEBSITE viewed by Players year around. Your Establishment would automatically be featured as a Preferred Play Site including any Tourneys you may be hosting.

Interested? Want to be a Preferred Venue for Hosting Teams? Need help in getting Teams organized? Give us a call at (403) 510-2731 or visit our website at We are ready to help in any way needed.

Want To Own Your Own Tables?

Many do as it only makes sense. Keep all the coin drop and open the tables when you want to.

Rec World here in Calgary has Valley-Dynamo commercial coin operated pool tables for sale or lease with the best prices in Western Canada.

Worried about service? Rec World has you covered with a full table crew available at all times whether it's for routine reclothing or an 'on call' repair that you need.

Rec World is located at The Core Mall Suite 341, 751 - 3 St. SW or can be reached at (503) 537-0410.

Click here to vist the Rec World website.


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